The Image of Muslims in UK Media – stats

  • 36% of stories about British Muslims are about terrorism.
  • 22% of stories are about religious and cultural differences between Islam and British culture or the West in general
  • 11% of stories mentioned  “Islamic” extremism .
  • Indeed, 2008 was the first year in which the volume of stories about religious and cultural differences (32% of stories by 2008) overtook terrorism related stories (27% by 2008).
  • Coverage of attacks on or problems facing Muslims, on the other hand, has steadily declined as a proportion of coverage.
  • The bulk of coverage of British Muslims – around two thirds (around 70%) – focuses on Muslims as a threat (in relation to terrorism), a problem (in terms of differences in values) or both (Muslim extremism in general).


Report:  “Images of Islam in the UK

Authors: Kerry Moore, Paul Mason and Justin Lewis

Cardiff University – School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

 Published on: 7th July 2008

500,000 people hungry in Britain according to Oxfam-CAP report

UKA report published on 20th May 2013 by well-known charities Oxfam and CAP estimated that over 500,000 people living in Britain are reliant on food aid and “food banks”.

The report titled “Walking the Breadline – The Scandal of food poverty in 21st Century Britain” noted that the sharp rise in food poverty is caused by:

  • Increasing levels of underemployment
  • Low and falling income
  • Rising food and fuel prices

The report raises the risk that, the growth in food aid demonstrates that the social safety net is failing in its basic duty to ensure that families have access to sufficient income to feed themselves adequately.