Iraq .. Civilian Deaths – October 2013

Iraq seems more like a country in war than a country helping the war on terror. The questions which are truly mind-boggling are: who is financing buying over 680 cars, 1000s of kilos of explosive and manpower (paid between $100 to $10,000 per operation)?  Where are the explosive coming from? Who is transporting them and how? Who is providing the expertise to make, assemble and prepare these car bombs? Who is providing storage to these massive amounts of explosives/cars? Who is providing local area knowledge? Who is selecting those targets? How are those cars passed through security checkpoints?

To have over 680 car bombs in addition to those already discovered which are quite a few and those who simply fail to detonate require mass-producing facilities. Where are those facilities?

Last but not least .. WHAT is the SOLUTION?

According to UN figures,

In 2010, the low point for the al-Qaeda effort in Iraq, car bombings declined to an average of 10 a month and multiple-location attacks occurred only two or three times a year.

In 2013, so far there has been an average of 68 car bombings a month and a multiple-location strike every 10 days.

The UN says 5,740 civilians have been killed since January – almost double the figure it reported for the whole of 2010.


Source: BBC