Trident, the UK nuclear submarines weapons system

UKTrident Information

  • The UK has 4 Trident nuclear “Vanguard” Submarines.
  • 1 is operational at-sea, 1 “undergoing maintenance”, 2 in port or “training” manoeuvres.
  • Each Vanguard Submarine as part of the Trident system carries 3 nuclear warheads and 16 missiles.
  • Renewal Cost, of the Cold War era system is estimated at £15-20 bn ($23-30 bn).
  • Annual operation cost is around £1.7bn according to UK MoD.
  • The planned renewal proposed by the Government will make the system operational until 2060s according to.
  • The annual announced Defense Budget in the UK is  £34bn ($51.3bn).



Source: BBC News


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