3m barrels – Iraq Oil’s Storage Growth by Dec 2013

Iraq-FlagIn an in-depth analysis of the energy sector of Iraq, the US investment research firm MorningStar, thinks Iraq ” can boost its oil-storage in southern Iraq to 8.5 million barrels of capacity by the end of 2013 from around 5.5 million barrels of capacity in 2012″.





The age of criminal responsibility in “Israel” is 12 yrs!

Palestine_Flag“Israeli” security apparatus detained a Palestenian boy aged only 5 years amid an outcry from Human Rights organisations.

The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem is reported to have complained to authorities regarding this “grave incident” according to the organisation.

This is a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stated that minors must be protected in criminal proceedings.

Trident, the UK nuclear submarines weapons system

UKTrident Information

  • The UK has 4 Trident nuclear “Vanguard” Submarines.
  • 1 is operational at-sea, 1 “undergoing maintenance”, 2 in port or “training” manoeuvres.
  • Each Vanguard Submarine as part of the Trident system carries 3 nuclear warheads and 16 missiles.
  • Renewal Cost, of the Cold War era system is estimated at £15-20 bn ($23-30 bn).
  • Annual operation cost is around £1.7bn according to UK MoD.
  • The planned renewal proposed by the Government will make the system operational until 2060s according to.
  • The annual announced Defense Budget in the UK is  £34bn ($51.3bn).



Source: BBC News

Shia Villages in Indonesia burned down while Authorities watch

Hundreds of Shia Indonesians were driven out of their homes, their belongings ransacked and their properties burned while the Indonesian Authorities did absolutely nothing!

This horrific hatred crime took place in August 2012 and to this point justice has not been done.

The East Java administration is even forcing the displaced Shia to relocate in an inexcusable move to reward the aggressor and punish the victim, the authorities are failing their own citizens.