Fake Bomb Detector Fraudster Even Fooled the UK MoD


Jamed McCormick / source:BBC

According to BBC the fake bomb detectors which were based on a Golf ball finder toy were sold to Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Niger and Iraq.

The fraudster James McCormick  had even managed to raise interest from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD). As “an Essex policeman organised a demonstration which was watched by an MoD inspector”.


Fake bomb detector sold by McCormick. /source: Avon and Somerset Police, UK.

Iraqis were the victims effected most, as the Iraqi Government spent over $85 million on 6,000 devices. The number of Iraqis killed as a result of explosives and weapons smuggled undetected by this fiasco is unknown but it must be in thousands. It is worth noting that in 2011 there were 2256 terrorist attacks in Iraq killing over 4200 Iraqis and hundreds of Non-Iraqis.

  1. Iraq’s Government Must demand REFUND of the monies paid for this deadly toy.
  2. UK authorities must be held accountable for failure to detect, stop and apprehend a fraudster who workedmanufactured and sold “death” on the United Kingdom’s soil.
  3. Iraqi, Georgian, Saudi and Niger victims who were injured or have their loved ones killed by explosives must demand COMPENSATION from this fraudster and from the UK government.
  4. A formal PUBLIC APOLOGY is to be issued by UK Prime Minster David Cameron to every victim of those countries.
  5. The MoD inspector who watched the demonstration must be brought to justice with his supervisor for failing to report an obvious attempt of Fraud, Deception and Money Laundering.
iraq police using detector

Iraq Police using the fake Detector /source:YahooNews

This is a threat to national security for the UK, an attack on those Countries Sovereignty and a gross breach of those victim’s most basic right, the Right to Exist.


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